15 Medium Straight Side Swept Hairstyle Color pros know that one of the most critical aspects of client satisfaction is choosing the right tone.

For example, the beautiful blonde that makes one client look like Marilyn Monroe makes another look like the walking dead. That is where hair color swatches come in handy. A cool and a warm swatch of the same color placed around the client's face and eyes will quickly scream "yes" or "not in this lifetime".

Is your natural hair color dark or light? Do you like warm tones or cool tones? Does your hair go red or brassy when you have colored in the past? Knowing your hair, your likes and dislikes, and the final result you would like to achieve, will help our staff choose the color tones that best compliment your skin tones and hair style. Pictures say a thousand words.

Come see us in Woodbridge, Virginia. Hair Care is our business. When you look good, so do we. 703-491-4247


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