Lets TalkA Larry's Hair Care RX 4 U consultation always includes four questions.

question mark nothingHow did your hair cut, color, highlight, and/or special occasion style do for you last time? Or, if this is your first visit with us, what was your favorite hair cut, color, highlight, and/or special occasion style? Great relationships are built on mutual respect and trust. Knowing what you like and dislike is fundamental to creating trust.

What challenges are you having with your hair? We ask wider and more personalized questions so we understand why you want your hair a certain way: time constraints, sports fanatic, fashion-lover, wears glasses?

 Do you use professional product on your hair? How are XYZ products working for you?

What goals are we working toward? Are we working on the same goals or have they changed since your last visit?

At Larry's Hair Care RX 4 U in Woodbridge, Virginia, we are always ready with a suggestion for your hair care needs. Whether you listen or follow our suggestions or not, we are honored that you took the time to ask, listen, and allowed us to meet your hair care needs. Call 703-491-HAIR (4247) today.

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