A phrase uttered when a person does a particularly silly or clutz-like act. (http://www.urbandictionary.com)

For our curly haired clients, you can feel like this every day. Winter is here, spring approaches, summer humidity, and fall ... we are back to the rain and moisture in the air. The battle of the frizz commences day after day, it seems like a silly act to try to control that fuzz, but we have some answers for you:.

Unless your hair is extremely fine, load up on a deep conditioner each time you shampoo. Be sure to leave it on for at least five minutes in the shower.

Coat your hair with a combination of smoothing cream and gel while it's still wet. For curly hair, mix a dime-size amount of Paul Mitchell Super Clean Sculpting Gel with a nickel-size amount of Agadir Argan Oil. If your hair is straight, reverse the ratio.

If you don't have time for morning styling, shampoo at night, and then apply Aquage Curl Defining gel cream from roots to tips.

Before you even think about going near your hair with a flatiron or blow-dryer, use a heat-protective spray like Paul Mitchell Hot Off the Press. This is important for all hair types, but especially for those with fine hair, which is more prone to the kind of cuticle damage that leads to frizz. The fuzzy halo of fly-a-ways can be the toughest symptom of frizz. Here are some ideas you may not have thought of:

  • Lightly mist shine spray onto a small brush (large toothbrush is perfect) and skim it over the frizz.
  • Put a dime size of Aquage Defining Gel into your palm and rub palms together. Gently glide your palms over the surface of your hair to smooth frizz without flattening your overall shape.
  • Use a hot-oil treatment once a week, We can help you with our Signature treatments starting at $20 each
  • Deep condition once a month. The ingredients are more concentrated, and they leave behind a smoothing film that helps prevent frizzing. If you have severe damage, leave the product on overnight—just place a towel on the pillow or get a shower cap from the dollar store.
  • Try a bun when you stand in that commuter slug line, out for a jog or just want to pull your hair back. By wrapping the hair around itself, you smooth the flyaways.
  • Come See us. At Larry's Hair Care RX 4 U in Woodbridge, Virginia, hair care is our business. When you look good, so do we. Call 703-491-HAIR (4247) today.
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