Most clients don’t understand the amount of product curly hair needs to maintain any style.

You need about twice as much product as you need for straight hair. This will give you a soft, conditioned style whether the hair is worn naturally curly or straight.

We recommend applying product when the hair is wet. Hair product usually reacts better to wet hair because the hair is able to absorb product more effectively. When styling, products must be distributed evenly and hair should be dried completely. If it is worn naturally, the hair can be finger-combed and then diffuse-dried. Here, minimal manipulation is key, or you’ll end up with frizz.

    “Curls can be delicate and at times prone to damage,” says Melanie Fahey, assistant vice president of creative and education for Ouidad. “Excessive manipulation can fragment curls and cause fraying and frizz, so it’s important never to force a curl into submission. The key to styling is to position curls as they transition from wet to dry.” Ouidad’s “rake and shake” is a simple, effective styling method that encourages and sets curl formation with just product and the touch of fingertips.

Damage from the excessive use of heat styling tools is a concern for everyone, but especially for clients with textured hair, who suffer great frustration when breakage results in curls looking dull and lifeless. Got Questions? We have some answers. Call 703-491-HAIR (4247) today. At Larry's Hair Care RX 4 U, in Woodbridge, Virginia, Hair Care is our business. The RX is right in the name. When you look good, so do we.

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